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The Brevity design team was having one of our usual off-the-wall discussions about the projects we would like to work on. The discussion turned intergalactic, and someone yelled, “What’s next? A brand identity for the Moon?” And we did just that. Long story short: We love our Moon. And we think that it deserves an identifiable brand and name.

This website was built over a few hours and a few beers, and isn’t meant to be taken too seriously. But next time you look up, remember: We have one Moon for this one Earth. Love it. And it will love you back.

Images of astronauts below are attributed to the great folks over at NASA -- NASA is in no way associated with this satirical, side project site. But, hey, if they want to hire us to do it in real life, shoot an email over to with code-word [LAZER].

Know the Name

Of ancient Greek origin, Selene was the proper name of our Earth’s Moon for thousands of years. Over time, Earthlings began to generalize the word “Moon” to be a descriptor for all Moons in the entire galaxy. In an effort to clarify future communications, this brand identity reinstates the Selene name, globally, to represent Earth’s Moon only. The term “Moon” will be maintained as the general term for all permanent natural satellites in our galaxy.

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Play Among the Stars

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Prepare for Launch

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This is a nice typeface by the all-around good person, Mark Simonson. It’s present and unoffensive, just like Selene. It looks really great on screens and at varying sizes. It also has a ton of weights to choose from if you want to get funky.

Capture History
& Encourage Curiousity

Using photos of real people in candid moments generates interest. Photography used for the Selene brand should encourage our audience to learn more about this wonderful lunar being, its history, and general existence. Also, how awesome do space suits look? Right? We mentioned this already, but these photos are from We didn’t take them. Someone else did.


The Selene brand should be used as an educational tool. Children are the future. Teach them well and let them lead the way. Read up about Earth’s Moon. There are some pretty interesting tidbits of information out there about this dynamic glowing sky-ball of wonder. We hope this project encourages people to do some stuff for fun. It doesn’t even have to be design or a website. Go outside and shoot some hoops or whatever. Just know that Selene will always be watching. Cheers.